Who We Are

Vision Statement

It’s all about the people: Customers, Employees, Suppliers and Stakeholders. We will make it easier for our customers to partner with. There will be no such thing as a “special”. Innovative technology will allow us tremendous flexibility in producing office furnishings. Our employees will be provided the greatest tools available to work safely, succeed as income providers, and thrive in their communities. Our stakeholders will continue to invest in our growing business which will create wealth for our employees, suppliers, communities, and shareholders.
We will continue to be known and respected for our commitment to the environment and overall sustainability.
Our customers will experience the Indiana Furniture difference!

Mission Statement

Top Line – We’ll seek aggressive, but controllable growth, through new product introductions, superior quality and service, and greater manufacturing capacity through innovative process improvements. We will continue to introduce sustainable business practices with materials, products and processes.
Bottom Line – Success brings profitability, which allows for further investment into innovation. Innovation and a common sense approach to manufacturing bring improvement to the business creating competitive advantages. We will balance our Economic Profits with both Environmental and Social Responsibility.
Everywhere in Between – Indiana Furniture employees are treated with respect and integrity. It is more effective to train and retain good employees than to displace and replace employees. We create a safe and secure work environment and maintain an open door policy at all levels of management. Our employee success is based on:
• Respect, Credibility and Accountability
• Communication and Listening
• Integrity and Ethical Behavior
• Performance Excellence
• Recognition and Reward
• Positive Attitude
• Community Outreach and Social Responsibility
• Leadership
• Diversity and Inclusiveness – including Suppliers, Employees and Customers